About Us

Our Vision

Cambridge as an Age Friendly Community

Our Mission

The Cambridge Council on Aging engages older adults and community organizations to identify issues, advocate and educate towards an age friendly community.

The Cambridge Council on Aging is a forum for seniors and community members to mobilize and work together to make Cambridge an age friendly community. This involves raising awareness and advocating for change by increasing the civic involvement of seniors in the community. The Council on Aging will take on emerging social issues, such as ageism, elder abuse and other issues concerning seniors.

The Cambridge Council on Aging is governed by a twelve member Board of Directors representing older adults and various sectors within the community. A part-time project manager has been appointed for the first year of the project to build capacity and foster leadership among the Council’s volunteers.

The Cambridge Council on Aging will give a voice to seniors in the community and provide them with a vehicle to increase awareness and advocate for change.

Strategic Planning

Support from MPP Kathryn McGarry 

To Sharon Livingstone, Cambridge COA:

Cambridge is a great place to live, and many are retiring here, or plan to retire in the future.

An age-friendly city offers a chance for older adults to better plan for the years that can be a challenge for some. A city that has transportation options, amenities, arts and cultural opportunities, and activities that keep people active, engaged and productive, is seen as a desirable place to be.

I fully support your intent to apply for the Age-Friendly Recognition for the City of Cambridge. I believe this builds on what we are all  trying to achieve as a caring community: an inclusive,  vibrant place to call home, for all ages.

Thank you for your passionate work on the Cambridge Council On Aging!

Kathryn McGarry, MPP Cambridge